About our new event

Whether you’ve been to one of our past events at the Chatillon DeMenil Mansion or you’ve never been to one of our events before Consolations of Memory will be a new experience. Here is an overview of how the event will work:

Consolations of Memory: Death and Mourning in the Nineteenth Century At Bellefontaine Cemetery Saturday October 3, 2015

Upon entering the front gate of the cemetery guests will be led by signage to the visitor parking area. From there it’s a short walk to your first stop where you can sign in, pick up a program and ask any questions you may have before you make your way to the first graveside exhibit at the site of Bellefontaine’s first burial, Edward Rutledge.

Guests can set their own pace as they make their way up Balm, visiting several other graveside exhibits along the way, until they reach Hotchkiss Chapel.  There you’ll find Mr. Avery preparing for the funeral service. Inside the chapel columbarium you’ll learn about mourning customs and also get a chance to see our special exhibit Memento Mori featuring 19th Century mementos such has hair-work wreaths and jewelry, postmortem photographs and more.

Leaving the Chapel guests will find more outside exhibits by heading down an old carriage path just across from the Chapel entrance.

The Funeral Service will begin at 11 am, 1 pm or 3 pm (depending on the start time of your tour) and will be announced several minutes before-hand so guests have time to make their way to the Chapel.  The service will be immediately followed by a procession down the carriage path to the burial site.

You can find an interactive map of Bellefontaine Cemetery here on their website.

Consolations of Memory is free event but you must register to attend and space is limited. Please let us know you’d like to join us by registering for this event online.

Still have questions? Contact us!