Join the Mourning Society

The Mourning Society of St Louis is a re-enacting group that works public educational events through larger organizations like Bellefontaine Cemetery, the Missouri History Museum and the St Louis Public Library. We specialize in programs about death, mourning and funeral practices but we often branch out into other eras and topics as needed.

There is no fee to join - only a few simple forms to fill out to work events. Some events do have clothing requirements but if you are new to re-enacting we can help you along though meet-ups, occasional lectures and our monthly sewing circle. The eras we currently portray are:

1860's - Our Annual Bellefontaine Cemetery Mourning Event and Funeral Reenactment is one of several opportunities to dress in mid-nineteenth century clothing. This event includes both speaking and non-speaking roles for ladies and gentleman.

1904-1918 - We've had the honor of portraying the early 20th Century from the 1904 World's Fair, the Women's Suffrage Movement and World War I in two great events this year: Bellefontaine Cemetery's Decoration Day and Celebrate the Vote with the League of Women Voters St Louis. This is an era we'd like to delve into again in 2017 so stay tuned.

More to come! We are always looking for opportunities to portray new period clothing styles and moments in St Louis history. You can find out more about how you can get involved through our private Facebook Group or our Participant E-Newsletter. Get in touch with us through our contact form or dive right in and fill out our online application.